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Dyno Tuning for Harley-Davidsons


Dyno Runs
  • Dyno Horsepower, Air Fuel & Torque Run: Harley Davidsons $125 & up*
  •  (If any Body Panels have to be removed to access RPM pickup, additional cost will be billed accordingly.)
Dyno Tuning
  • Dyno Tune V-Twins Harley Davidson Custom “Advance Tune” with Tuning Link (Tune Both Cylinders Individually with Dynojet Power Commander): $375 & up *

So what does a custom tune mean for your Harley Davidson?

More power, smoother throttle response (on and off), elimination of ‘ping’ or engine detonation from badly mapped fuel computers (or carburetors), and longer engine life. A dyno tune is more than simply getting the highest amount of horsepower out of an engine – its making the engine run more efficiently, allowing it to take full advantage of its design and elements to work exactly as it was designed to do. Believe it or not, most engines come from the factory with an imperfect tune that leads to rich or lean running engines, detonation, bad throttle response, and bad gas mileage.

Each of our tunes is custom created for each motorcycle that comes across our dyno, because every single motorcycle is different (even the same make, model, and year) – and only a professional dyno tune can observe and correct those differences.

* Some Modifications May Require ADDITIONAL DYNO TIME (Ex: Bigger Cams, Modified Throttle Bodies, Porting, etc…)