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Dyno Tuning for Metric Cruisers


Dyno Runs
  • Dyno Horsepower, Air Fuel & Torque Run: V-Twins $125 & up*
  •  (If any Body Panels have to be removed to access RPM pickup, additional cost will be billed accordingly.)
Dyno Tuning
  • Dyno Tuning Link CUSTOM TUNES with PCV:  $300 & up  *
  • Dyno Tune Bazzaz Custom Tune:  $325 & up *
  • Dyno Tune V-Twins custom “Advance Tune” with Tuning Link (Tune Both Cylinders Individually): $400 & up *
Other Custom Tunes
  • Dual Map Tuning Power Commander, 1st Map $300,(2nd map $200):  $500 & up  *

* Some Modifications May Require ADDITIONAL DYNO TIME (Ex: Bigger Cams, Modified Throttle Bodies, Porting, etc…)

Why Dyno Tune my Cruiser?

Dyno tuning isn’t all about getting the most power out of an engine – although it’s a great benefit! Dyno tuning focuses on making an engine run at optimum performance through a balance of fuel and air. The right ratio, the best performance. However, most motorcycles come out of the box with a relatively “functional” tune – but not a perfect, just-for-your-specific-motorcycle fuel map.

Reading your motorcycle’s air/fuel ratio and adjusting fuel maps accordingly leads to better throttle response (smoother on and off), better gas mileage, longer engine life, and yes, more power.

If you have:

  • An untuned, stock motorcycle
  • New exhaust/pipes and no tune
  • A modified motorcycle with a bad tune
  • Throttle, power, and mileage issues

Getting a dyno tune should be the first thing you do! Every customer is amazed at the difference a good tune can make on ANY metric cruising motorcycle. So what are you waiting for? Call us today!