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Dyno Tuning for Sportbikes


Dyno Runs
  • Dyno Horsepower, Air Fuel & Torque Run:  $125 & up  * (Most Motorcycles)
  • Dyno Horsepower, Air Fuel & Torque Run: V-Twins $125 & up*
  •  (If any Body Panels have to be removed to access RPM pickup, additional cost will be billed accordingly.)
Dyno Tuning
  • Dyno Tuning Link CUSTOM TUNES PCV:  $300 & up  *
  • Dyno Tune Bazzaz Custom Tune:  $325 & up *
  • Dyno Tune V-Twins Custom “Advance Tune” with Tuning Link (Tune Both Cylinders Individually): $400 & up *
Kit ECU Tuning
  • Read more here
  • Kit ECU Tuning (Suzuki EM Pro, Yamaha YEC, Kawasaki Fi) WITH Power Commander : $550 & up  *
Other Custom Tunes

* Some Modifications May Require ADDITIONAL DYNO TIME (Ex: Bigger Cams, Modified Throttle Bodies, Porting, etc…)

What does dyno tuning a sportbike mean?

Every sportbike owner, at one point or another, has wanted one thing from their bike – efficiency and fuel economy. The best way to get more? Adding an exhaust and fuel control system and a slew of other things can all improve power to weight ratio, but without a professional tune can lead to serious issues and actually decrease power, reliability, and drivability. Dyno tuning is all about setting an engine’s air/fuel ratio (measured out the exhaust pipes) to a perfect balance – because having the correct ratio across all RPMs means the engine is running at peak performance and efficiency (read:more, cleaner, smoother power) across all RPM ranges.

While adding exhaust and fuel computers can provide more power, often they cause a bike’s air/fuel ratio to be off because they require a dyno tune to be adjusted correctly. Every sportbike is different, and each of our tunes are made specifically for that motorcycle. So don’t use downloaded fuel maps or a buddy’s map, and don’t just install an exhaust and expect performance gains – get it tuned and see a REAL difference!

Dyno tuning a sportbike provides:

  • More power
  • Smoother throttle
  • Longer engine life
  • Proper air/fuel mixture for aftermarket exhaust, intake, etc.
  • Better fuel economy
  • Tuning for race gas and so on


*Please read the conditions and terms of use – all modifications are non-EPA approved and are for off-road / racing use only