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Hayabusa 08+ (Gen2) Engine Builds

These builds are for Suzuki’s second generation (Generation 2) GSX1300R Hayabusa. They serve as a starting point for each stage of build, and do not account for all factors of an engine build and dyno tune. They DO reflect all necessary parts and installation for each listed item. Many shops will not include all costs for such builds, and therefore appear to have lower prices. They are the best starting estimates for everything required, parts and service. Prices are also subject to change at any time, so please call the shop for more information and questions.  678-442-0072

Stage 1

Brock’s exhaust system & tuning

  • Brock’s exhaust
  • Exhaust installation
Stage 2

Cam sprockets, head gaskets, CNC head & valve job

  • Cam Sprockets
  • Head Gasket
  • R/R Engine
  • CNC Port Head & Valve Job
  • Mill Head
  • Build Engine Top End, Install/Degree Cams
  • Optional:  Custom Cams with exchange:
Stage 3

Stage 2 + custom cams, valve springs, 84mm pistons, custom head gasket, and cylinder bore & replating

  • Custom Cams with Exchange
  • Cam Sprockets
  • Valve Spring Kit
  • 84mm Piston Kit
  • Custom Head Gasket
  • Base Gasket
  • Oil 5/40, Oil Filter, Coolant
  • R/R Engine
  • Bore & Replate Cylinder
  • CNC Port Head & Valve Job
  • Build Engine Top End, Install/Degree Cams


  • Optional:  Upgrade cylinder block

Any other parts needed beyond these listings will cost extra; however, Livengood Motor Sports tries to include all foreseeable costs in the base price packages to avoid as many extra costs for necessary parts and service. We do not provide horsepower numbers as these numbers differ between different dynos and dyno tuning facilities.