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Suspension Service


Our suspension services include setting up, rebuilding, and repairing suspension components on dirt, street, and racing motorcycles.

Suspension components services

*some services may require new/replacement parts, extra labor, and likewise if deemed necessary

  • Replace oil and seals
  • Cleaning internals

Suspension setup / ‘Sags and Clickers’

Sags and Clickers
  • Full setup, including preload, rebound, and compression with rider and gear: $75*

Suspensions mainly consist of three dynamic settings the rider can adjust.


The tension of the springs, both front and rear, without any extra weight or force applied to the springs apart from the motorcycle and rider. This controls how far the suspension will travel under normal and heavy load conditions (braking, turning, accelerating, pillion, etc.).


This is a valve adjustment that controls the rate at which the front or rear suspension can compress – how fast and easily it can compress. Normal factory suspensions give a +/-5% adjustment, whereas aftermarket valving can give up to a 200% adjustment in either direction.


Similar in concept to Compression, rebound is the rate at which the suspension returns to “normal” height after being compressed. It is also adjusted through valves, and like compression, normally has an adjustment gap of +/-5% on most factory suspensions.

Collectively, setting up these components for the rider is known as doing a “sags and clickers.” On stock suspensions, there is very little adjustability, and even the springs (preload) are narrowly limited to certain weight ranges.

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