Jim Cohrs on his Livengood Motor Sports built Yamaha R6’s

Jim Cohrs on his Livengood Motor Sports built Yamaha R6’s

June 9 ,2011

Jim Cohrs

2011 is moving so FAST! First and foremost, I’d like to congratulate you (Livengood) on your new building. The place looks awesome and I can’t wait for the “grand opening party” (..lol..)

As everyone knows, I’ve been working with Brian since 2007; in 2008 we decided to switch from an R1 to an R6. Let the training begin!

But not the physical training (for those that know me..lol)… The mental training. I’ve spent years with Brian optimizing my bikes, calling him at all hours from the track to talk suspension, and in looking back I’m certain I’ve been a nuisance! Brian never made me feel that way, he ALWAYS took my call and he ALWAYS talked me through what I needed to learn/understand.

After years of Brian asking me what the bike is doing, I think I finally understand his questions!

Brian, what’re the bike(s) doing you ask? Answer:  It’s kicking ass!

It’s coming out off the line like a rocket and I’m able to brake late and hard when needed while still maintaining incredible corner speed. Out of the turn is no different; I’m hard on the throttle and the bike transitions like it’s on rails. What about me? Yes, I’m still a bit overweight but I’m looking through the corners – it starts with my eyes, then my head and the bike magically follows (lol).  I feel the bike with every part of my body and I know when I need to make an adjustment and when I need to call for more advice. I’ve minimized coasting time, I brake into the apex and I can tell you how much throttle I’ve applied through the exit and where we need to apply changes. Yes, you have been an AMAZING Teacher!

Have I mentioned that I ride an R6?

There has not been a bike under 750cc’s and not many 1000’s that will run with me even on the straights until this year! What? Yes, it’s a competitor and good friend of mine who brought both his R6’s to Brian and had his bikes (not just motors) set up (Mark Miller Jr.)… And yes, my bikes are 100% legal for each class (for inquiring minds).

About me: I’m 42 years old, this is my 2nd year as an expert with 44 races under my belt in 2011.

Results: 41% win ratio, 75% top two and 89% top three.

I’m leading multiple championships with my Livengood Motorsports R6’s and plan to keep that momentum going! Check out results for both Mark and I (James Cohrs & Mark Miller Jr.) at http://www.ccsracing.us/points.html

You don’t have to be 16 or even 25 years old to get into this sport. Motorcycle riding is for all ages, whether sport bike, road, dirt, or drag. Brian made it possible for me to achieve something I always wanted to do, ride my motorcycle like it was meant to be ridden! I’m having the time of my life, there is always something to learn and I have the best teacher there to make it happen.

If you have not planned your next steps with Brian I strongly recommend you do!

Stop waiting for tomorrow, today only comes around once!

2011 Points – Championship Cup Series