NOPI Nationals at Atlanta Dragway

NOPI Nationals at Atlanta Dragway

October 1 ,2012

Livengood Motor Sports sponsored this years motorcycle participation in NOPI Nationals at Atlanta Dragway, helping draw in more interest in motorcycle drag racing in the Southeast than it’s seen in quite a while!


Paul Cavanaugh wrote a great article after the event, summing up the experience and participation of the two wheeled side of performance motorsports on dragbike.com.  The event drew out a better crowd of motorcycles than seen in a long time at Atlanta Dragway, and Livengood Motor Sports stickers and bikes were seen quite often down the drag strip.  We’re hoping we can get more people involved and interested in the sport of motorcycle drag racing, which has faded from the limelight in recent years in Atlanta.


Go read Paul’s article here and check out some of the great photos of riders and bikes that came out!